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The Bat

Saturday | 01.03.2014 | 6:30 pm

The Bat

conductor: Tomasz Tokarczyk

duration: 3 hrs.

intervals: 2

scene: Main Stage

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tickets at a price: 120.00 PLN (Marshal’s Balcony)
tickets at a price: 80.00 PLN (Amphitheatre (rows IV-VIII))
tickets at a price: 60.00 PLN (Amphitheatre (rows I-III and IX-XII), Balcony level 2 (rows I-II))
tickets at a price: 35.00 PLN (Right-hand and left-hand side boxes (level 1))
tickets at a price: 28.00 PLN (Amphitheatre (side seats and rows XIII-XIV))

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