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Our people

Our institution is created by people of various professions and pursuits.Who are those whose work, although often unnoticed, contributes to the spectacles performedon our stage?Each week features another person.Not only will we take an insight to the stage, backstage, dressmaking studio and millinery workshop, but we will also visit administration offices, rehearsal rooms and production departments.We will watch all the People who create the Opera.You are very welcome to join us!

Adam Zdunikowski02 December 2013

- Głównie spełniam się artystycznie. Pierwszy raz przybyłem do Krakowa w 1992 roku, czyli ponad 20 lat temu! Planowano premierę „Cyrulika Sewilskiego”. Poproszono mnie o niezapowiedziane zastępstwo. W efekcie zaśpiewałem drugą premierę w partii hrabiego Almavivy, a przewrotny los związał mnie z tym miastem i Operą Krakowską.  more

Anna Jaworska31 October 2013

- Pracuję w Operze już 43 lata. Zaczynałam jako inspicjent na pół etatu w operze i jako sufler w operetce. Jednak od zawsze miałam kontakt ze sceną – moi rodzice pracowali w teatrze – mama była śpiewaczką operową, a ojciec charakteryzatorem i perukarzem w Teatrze im. J. Słowackiego i w Operze. Czasami śmieję się, że dzieciństwo spędziłam na kolanach strażaka, podglądając spektakle zza kulis.  more

Mieczysław Sotnicki02 April 2013

- First, I used to be a fitter/engineer, later I became also a property man, and for 15 years I have been the deputy foreman. The beginnings were not easy, since the Opera did not dispose of its own venue yet. After performances staged in the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre, the decorations needed to be disassembled and removed immediately. However, it was thanks to the Opera that I have visited many places in Europe, such as Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Corsica. I remember that it was an unforgettable experience for me, since at the time of my first visits to the ’West’ the shelves in Poland were virtually empty...  more

Żaneta Seweryn25 March 2013

- There has always been music in me. I am believed to have had a gift for music since I was a child, however I began music school only when I was in the 7th grade of the primary school. It turned out that it was already too late to start playing the instrument I chose, namely the flute. I was offered percussion, of which I had absolutely no clue. I did not know that there are so many percussion instruments! And later, I have never even thought of changing the instrument – to me, it is perfect.  more

Grażyna Synowiec-Łęcka18 March 2013

For 32 years, I have been sewing women’s costumes. I have always dreamt of this job… When I started working, the television broadcasted Russian films or spectacles of the television theatre, which, at that time, was very dynamic. I liked the unusual costumes and beautiful clothes of the actors. I completed a three-year course at the Chamber of Crafts and I became a theatre craftsman. I can not only sew, but also make various accessories, such as fans, tiny pins, gloves etc.  more

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