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“The Emperor of Atlantis” the Best Performance of the Opera Festival in Szeged!

19 October 2011

The international jury of the Festival and the Opera Competition in Szeged composed of: Raymond DUFFAUT – the chairman of the jury, Andrea Rost, Esther Lehoczky, Henry Little, Luca Targetti and Walter Kobéra decided that “The Emperor of Atlantis” by Viktor Ullmann, a performance directed by Beata Redo-Dobber with Tomasz Tokarczyk as a director of music, was the best of five performances presented between 6 and 14 October in Szeged. According to the jury’s verdict, Wassyl Slipak, playing the role of the Death (Der Tod) in “The Emperor of Atlantis” was awarded the prize for the best soloist. The verdict was announced during the official gala at the Theatre in Szeged on 15 October.

The records of the awarded performance and other performances presented during the competition are available in full length at http://liveweb.arte.tv until the end of March 2012.

The Festival in Szeged has been organised for four years, and each year five teams from around the world are invited to take part in it. From among the Polish theatres, the Festival has so far seen the performances of the Baltic Opera and the Krakow Opera. This year, the latter competes for the title of the best performance with opera teams from Szeged (Hungary), Bienne (Switzerland), Plzen (the Czech Republic) and New York (the Centre of the Modern Opera).

The main characters in the performance are played by the soloists chosen during a two-stage international competition. The hearings took place in Budapest, Los Angeles, New York, and Paris. Thirty soloists were chosen for the second stage, and invited to present themselves in Szeged. The winners who got the roles in the Emperor of Atlantis were: Wassyl Slipak (Bass) from Ukraine and Sasha Petrovic (Tenor) from Serbia. The Emperor of Atlantis also featured Katarzyna Oleś-Blacha, Anna Lubańskia, Vasyl Grokholskyi, Witold Żołądkiewicz and Piotr Miciński. The Krakow Opera Orchestra was conducted by Tomasz Tokarczyk.