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A work with a universal message - “Manru” by I. J. Paderewski at the Krakow Opera

On 16 November, our theatre premiered the opera “Manru” by composer and statesman I. J. Paderewski. With this performance, we wanted to restore the memory of this outstanding artist and composer, as well as celebrate the 100-year Anniversary of Poland regaining independence. In her review of the performance, editor Anna Woźniakowska noted - “it’s good that ‘Manru’ visited the Krakow stage.”

The performance was directed by Laco Adamik, while Tomasz Tokarczyk was the music director. Stage and costume design was prepared by Milan David. The Choir of the Krakow Opera was led by Jacek Mentel and Joanna Wójtowicz, while the Children’s Choir was led by Marek Kluza. Katarzyna Aleksandra-Kmieć was in charge of choreography. The lighting designer was Dariusz Pawelec. During the premiere, the title role was sung by Janusz Ratajczak (with Sylwester Kostecki in the second cast). The remaining roles were performed by: Jolanta Wagner and Agnieszka Kuk (Ulana), Anna Lubańska and Olga Maroszek (Jadwiga), Leszek Skrla and Mariusz Godlewski (Urok), Monika Ledzion-Porczyńska and Monika Korybalska (Aza), Volodymyr Pankiv and Jacek Greszta (Oros), Jacek Ozimkowski and Andrzej Biegun (Jagu), Jarosław Bielecki and Krzysztof Kozarek (Young Gypsy) and Agata Flondro (Young Gypsy). The soloists were accompanied by the Ballet, Choir and Orchestra of the Krakow Opera, conducted by Tomasz Tokarczyk. Anna Woźniakowska wrote: “the biggest satisfaction for me (...) were the artists of the orchestra and choir, loyal to the ever-constant baton of Tomasz Tokarczyk, who have helped me enjoy Paderewski’s beautiful music.”

The performance was topped off by thunderous applause with which the audience awarded all the artists. 

An hour before the performance, a delegation from the Krakow Opera led by the General Director and representatives of Marksmen Brotherhood [Bractwo Kurkowe] and the I. J. Paderewski Music School in Krakow [Ogólnokształcąca Szkoła Muzyczna I st. im. I.J. Paderewskiego], with the assistance of scouts, have laid flowers at the monument of the composer in Strzelecki Park. Concertmaster of the Krakow Opera Paweł Wójtowicz played a fragment of “Melodia” on violin – a composition by the Master. To end the ceremony, everyone present performed Poland’s National Anthem. 

The spectacle was made possible thanks to the cooperation with Opera NOVA in Bydgoszcz.