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Ballet gala "Grand pas...!"

The ballet gala "Grand pas...!" is a true fest for dance aficionados. On 27 June 2018 (at 8:30 pm), dancers of international ballet stages will perform at the courtyard of the Wawel Royal Castle. The artists will include dancers from Poland, from the Krakow Opera Ballet, from the Stanislaw Moniuszko Grand Theatre in Poznan (Marika Kucza and Mateusz Sierant), from the Wrocław Opera Ballet (Natasuki Katayama and Łukasz Ożga), from Italy: the Teatro di San Carlo (Anbeta Toromani and Alessandro Macario), from France: the Compagnie Chorégraphique François Mauduit (Vittoria Pellegrino, Nicola Lazzaro, Francois Mauduit) and Russia: the Mariinsky Theatre (Igor Kolb, Aleksandr Sergeev).

An important part of the evening will be the choreography prepared specially for the occasion by Zofia Rudnicka and Katarzyna Aleksander-Kmieć for two compositions by Frederic Chopin and performed by the Krakow Opera Ballet. Frederic Chopin is considered one of the greatest Polish composers, but his cultural significance, due to the patriotic overtones of his work, goes far beyond music alone. Many of his works were treated as synonyms of Polishness, and his countrymen referred to them in important patriotic moments. The presentation of the choreography prepared to his music will be a part of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Poland's regaining of independence.

The ballet gala "Grand pas…!" is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.