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”Emotions 2017” on the stage of the Krakow Opera

On two recent November evenings (Nov. 25th & 26th), the Krakow Opera invited viewers to see the ballet performance ”Emotions 2017.” It is a new version of the ballet that the Opera has had in its repertoire for the past several years. The authors of the choreography of the current staging are Violetta Suska and Eduard Bablidze, who continue — in the form of dance — their essay on interpersonal relations and emotions. 

The performance is divided into three parts. Two of them, ones opening and closing the performance, are authored by Eduard Bablidze. The first one is the ”Accord,” in which, as Katarzyna Gardzina-Kubała (naczubkachpalcow.pl) wrote ”you could marvel at the choreographer’s inventiveness.” Paulina Cisłowska, Clara Ushizaka, Leonardo Cusinato and Maciej Pluskowski danced to Arvo Pärt’s contemplative music from ”Fratres for cello and piano.” The performance’s closer was ”El Abrazo,” also choregraphed by the Georgian dancer and choreographer. This is a new segment, with its title selected very much on purpose. El Abrazo means ”holding” or ”embracing” in tango — this is the way in which the man leads his partner; it is very expressive, it shows the entire range of emotions, of passion and desire. The dancers were accompanied by music composed by a violinist of the Baltic State Opera — Przemysław Treszczotka. This dynamic and expressive dance was performed by: Julia Galambos, Mizuki Kurosawa, Malika Tokkozhina, Aliaksandr Karandulka, Emanuele Sardo, and Yauheni Yatskevich. 

As part of ”Emotions 2017,” the spectators also witnessed a number whose choreography was prepared by Violetta Suska, i.e. ”…Where do the naked stars stay…”. ”… I've been moved by the image the meaning of which was taken by the choreographer from Erich Maria Remarque's writing. She has woven a tale of loneliness, drama, and closeness of people we pass by in the streets every day, and made the tale stronger still through the use of the music of Johannes Brahms. Mizuki Kurosawa, Yauheni Yatskevich in ”Loneliness,” Anastasiya Krasouskaya, Maciej Pluskowski i Leonardo Cusinato in ”Emotions” — trio, Bożena Kowalska and Adam Mośko in ”Mourning,” Agnieszka Chlebowska and Yauheni Yatskevich in ”Passion” conveyed a plethora of emotions, and gave evidence to the strength od dance as a way of delivering meaning; they amazed and moved” — wrote Anna Woźniakowska (polskamuza.eu). In this section, Katarzyna Gardzina-Kubała noted two female dancers: ”... It is worth singling out Agnieszka Chlebowska for «Insanity», in which the artist did not just dance, but also play her part ,” while ”... in one of the tercets, which depicts a scene of jealousy of two women over a man, Mizuki Kurosawa touched a true artistic creation; finally using gestures, pose, and facial expression to show who her heroine was and what she was going through. A truly passionate woman, a femme fatale, with a triumphant smile on her lips when her rival is beaten.”

The crowd in attendance received the dancers’ performances with gusto. At the end, the audience gave the performers a long round of applause. 

Subsidised by the Institute of Music and Dance under the programme Music and Dance – Intervention 2017.