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The Krakow Opera would like to welcome companies and institutions interested in organisation of events in Krakow. The Krakow Opera organises in its halls conventions, training sessions and conferences as well as occasional meetings and banquets. We also offer special concerts and spectacles, organized at our client’s request.

We offer you to let:
• the main stage with an auditorium for 750 guests
• the chamber stage with an auditorium for 180 guests
• the rehearsal stage with an auditorium for 120 guests
• a mezzanine used for organization of banquets and as an exposition area for at most 700 guests

The organiser has at their disposal: the foyer and the technical background (audiovisual and sound equipment, electric-light fitting, projection spotlight), a cabin for simultaneous translation, projection screens, LCD screens. There is a possibility to arrange the opera rooms according to individual requests of the organiser. The Krakow Opera offers single and shared dressing-rooms with bathrooms. At the hours of events, apart from a buffet and a café for the spectators, we offer a buffet situated behind the stage for the band members.


Krzysztof Klocek
Tel. +48 661 302 423
e-mail: wynajem@opera.krakow.pl